Paris (nicknamed the “City of light”) is the capital city of France, and the largest city in France. Paris is a stunning place to visit and why not see the thing only locals see, so while your in paris check out these hidden gems.


#1) 59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli is an art gallery in Paris, formally there used to be artists there that were squatting, they had been occupying the space since 1999. How they got there in the first place was, since the building had been abandoned for 15 years a group of artists came to help clean it up. So they ended up squatting there, and now you can go and check out all the cool art on the walls and floors and ceilings.


#2) The Catacombs

The Catacombs of paris are underground ossuaries in paris which hold the remains of over 6 million people. This place has secret tunnels and places that you can get lost in, and secret entrances. The catacombs are definitely not for tourists but if your extreme and want to see a gem then the catacombs are for you on your next trip to paris. 


#3) passage jouffroy

The passage jouffroy is a covered passage located in the 9th arrondissement. It’s a very beautiful shopping market, with so many hidden stores that you can explore and get lost in. The passage jouffroy is so cozy and just overall a nice gem to explore.


#4) ​​la rue du chat-qui-pêche

La rue du chat-qui-pêche is a street that is super narrow and you can almost not walk through it, it’s that tight. This place is definitely worth the visit just because you will probably not see it again and it’s not filled with tourists which is a good thing. This place has the nickname of the street of the fishing cat. 


#5) The paris sewer museum 

The Paris sewer museum is one of the secrets to seeing, Even though when you hear the word sewer you think it’s going to be smelly. This place is so cool and one spot you have to see on your places to visit in paris. This place doesn’t get many visitors despite being close to the eiffel tower.


#6) The petite ceinture railroad

The petite ceinture railroad circling this abandoned railroad goes through paris and is one of the the coolest places to see as it looks like a post apocalyptic city taken over by the plants, its very relaxing to just take a stroll down this railroad and no tourists will bother you because they will have no clue about this spot. So if you’re a bit adventurous, take a walk on this abandoned railroad.


#7) Shakespeare and company

This iconic Parisian bookstore was opened in hopes of creating a hub in the heart of paris. Witman, A fervent communist, decided he would welcome all writers needing a place to stay. There is some history behind this place but in today’s time it’s a very small and nice bookstore that I’m sure you could find your next read. 


#8) Asian pagoda in the middle of 8th arrondissement 

A Chinese art dealer had lived there many a time ago and now is a private art museum, but even though its private it’s still a wonder to visit and bask in wonderfulness and just take in how out of place the building is.


#9) Rue Dénoyez

Tucked in a side alley right by the metro in the heart of Belleville, you’ll find rue Denoyez aka street art alley. Once a small laneway filled with abandoned shops, it has been taken over by a vibrant street culture scene that uses the walls and windows as its canvas


#10) Père Lachaise Cemetery

This cemetery is a very famous cemetery in paris and even tho its and odd place to visit, it’s a very nice and peaceful place to walk around and look at all the people there and pay respects to the people that have passed


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