There are so many options to spend your time in Warsaw during the holidays! Choose whatever you want. You can go to the Vistula riverside for some chill-out time or even some sunbathing. You can spend some time strolling around the tiny streets of Warsaw’s charming Old Town. In the evening you can visit a few nice pubs and try great Polish liquor.

Ideas are countless, but for those of you, who want to save some time on planning and instead fully use holiday time and do something truly interesting than choosing our organized Warsaw Tours will be the best option for you! Read this article to learn more about our rich offer. Everyone will surely find something satisfying.

Things to Do on Your Warsaw Tour

●   Warsaw Beer Tasting

Taste different kinds of Polish beers during an awesome tour through the best pubs and restaurants in Warsaw. Taste and enjoy a full range of mass production, regional and unique craft beers and learn about the brewing traditions.

Beer tasting in Warsaw

●   Warsaw Vodka Tasting

Learn about the history, and production of vodka. Find out why it is said to be Poland’s national drink. Hear about cultural customs and traditions of drinking vodka in Poland. Taste many various kinds of vodka and shots in carefully chosen venues along with perfectly matching appetizers. Plan your Poland Travel today with RosoTravel.

Vodka tasting in Warsaw

●   Warsaw Vodka Tasting Marathon
Take part in an amazing vodka-tasting marathon. Prepare for the whole night of fun, music, liters of great Polish vodkas, and fancy shots in the best bars and clubs. Many challenges on the way and great food to complete the experience will make this night unforgettable for all of you.
●   Warsaw Traditional Polish Food Tour

Delicious cuisine is a big part of Polish culture. Make sure that you won’t miss trying the best local food while traveling to Poland and Warsaw. During our Food Tour, you will have more great food than you will be able to eat. Visit the best local restaurants and patisserie and enjoy sampling many traditional Polish dishes and learn about Polish culture and customs.

●   Warsaw Old Town Highlights Guided Walking Tour

If you’re more into exploring the city of Warsaw, its history and culture then a walking guided tour is a perfect idea. Experience the beauty of Warsaw, see its highlights and discover hidden gems of the city. Thanks to your private professional local guide you will learn incredible stories and curiosities that you wouldn’t find in any guidebook.

●   Warsaw: Old and New Town Tour

Discover the history and true spirit of Warsaw on this historical guided tour. Your local guide will take you to the most famous landmarks of the city, including the Royal Castle, the Holy Cross Church, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You will have a chance to visit charming Warsaw Old Town as well as explore its business city center.

Old town and new town tour

●   Best of Warsaw 1-day Tour

This tour is perfect if you really want to know the capital city of Poland. You will have a unique chance to fully experience the beauty of Warsaw. Your private local guide will take you by car and on foot to the best places all around the city. During this full-day tour admire the best attractions and monuments of Warsaw such as Warsaw Old Town, Royal Castle, Ghetto, Royal Łazienki Park, Wilanów Palace, and many others. Get an insight into the city’s best-kept secrets, hear the fascinating stories and curiosities that you wouldn’t find in any guidebook!

●   Royal Castle Skip the Line Guided Tour

Placed at the heart of the Old Town of Warsaw the Royal Castle is a real Warsaw gem. Now you can explore it on this interesting, guided tour with a local guide. During your tour, you will visit the most important chambers in the UNESCO listed Castle, learn its history and hear about its former inhabitants. As a perfect complement after visiting this baroque-classicist residence of many Polish monarchs you can see the highlights of the Old Town.

● Polin Museum Skip the Line Guided Tour

Warsaw’s long and turbulent history is closely connected with Jews that used to live there. On this tour, you have a unique chance to skip the line and explore the long history of Polish Jews in one of the most important museums of Warsaw. Your local guide will tell you everything about Jewish history as well as aspects of their modern and current culture.

 ●   Jewish Ghetto Private Tour

If you’re interested in the topic of WWII and Warsaw’s history, you should take part in this tour. Learn about the turbulent history of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. Learn about its creation and life inside, as well as the uprising of the ghetto in 1943. Your local guide will take you to the places of historical memorials and ghetto walls and tell you stories that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

 ●   Majdanek Concentration Camp and Lublin Private Guided Tour

There are many interesting tours to places outside of Warsaw and Majdanek Concentration Camp is definitely one of them if you want to learn more about Polish and WWII history. On this excursion, you will visit Majdanek Museum and learn about its meaning and importance. See the conditions and hear about the prisoners’ lives in this tragic concentration camp and its impact on the local population. Majdanek is placed close to the city of Lublin so while being there you can also sightsee the highlights of this city such as the impressive castle, Chapel of the Holy Trinity, and the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery.

 ●   Auschwitz Concentration Camp Tour with Private Transport

Poland has many memorials referring to tragic events of WWII. Another one is the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp located 70km from the city of Krakow. On this 1-day tour from Warsaw, you will explore the largest former Nazi concentration camp. Learn about one of the darkest chapters in the history of Europe from the local knowledgeable guide. See the gas chambers, barracks, and many prisoners’ personal things left and preserved in the Auschwitz museum as you comprehend the enormity of what happened there.

Warsaw Places To Visit

 ●   Copernicus Science Centre

Science center in Warsaw, which aims to develop science and cooperation with scientists and teachers. According to the mission of the institution, it should be inspiring to observe, experience, ask questions and seek answers. This entertaining and interesting place will be a perfect option for spending time, and you better save the whole day for it! It’s guaranteed that both adults and children will have lots of fun there.

Copernicus Science Centre

 ●   The Warsaw Rising Museum

Museum was opened on July 31, 2004, on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising. The facility documents the history of the Warsaw Uprising. It conducts scientific research and educational activities dedicated to the history of the uprising, as well as the history and activities of the Polish Underground State. It is a tribute to those who fought and died for free Poland and its capital, showing the meaning of those events to the future generations of Poles.

The exhibition presents the struggle and everyday life of the uprising against the background of the occupation, by showing the complex international situation, post-war communist terror, and the fate of insurgents in the PRL.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum gathered over 30,000 exhibits. During the first 10 years of operation, more than 4.6 million people visited it so the numbers say for themselves – it’s just worth it!

●   Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It is the oldest city part of Warsaw, a complex of historic architecture, mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries. It has a medieval layout and is surrounded by a ring of defensive walls from the 14th-16th centuries.

On September 2, 1980, the Old Town in Warsaw was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Warsaw Old Town was on this list as an example of almost complete reconstruction after being destroyed in WWII.

Now, even the simplest walk around the tiny, charming streets of the Old Town is enjoyable. Old Town in Warsaw is full of life at each time of the day, especially during Summer. People sitting in the restaurant’s patios, playing songs on various instruments on the streets, all of that makes the atmosphere of this place truly unique. Make sure you won’t miss exploring it while staying in this city! A must-visit place on your Poland Travel.

Old town Warsaw

 ●   Vistula Boulevards

It’s difficult to imagine the panorama of Warsaw without the Vistula River Boulevards. This is the place where the city’s culture operates, and it offers numerous attractions to both tourists and residents. A few kilometers long, freshly restored riverside promenade is perfect for a walk or bike, or rollerblading ride. On the boulevard’s gazebos with sun loungers, stone benches, and seats made from branches of trees await you. There is also a lookout point to admire the view and a mini beach with wicker baskets. In such a place, you can’t miss the symbol of Warsaw – the Mermaid, where you can take great pictures with your friends or family.

Vistula Boulevards are not just a daytime attraction. At night, during the Spring and Summer seasons, the Vistula riverside becomes a great place for parties. You can spend all night sitting by the river with friends or listening to music during many open-air concerts. You can also go to one of many clubs and bars located by the river and dance until the very morning. Everyone will find something great!

 ●   POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

A museum documenting the centuries-old history of Jews in Poland. The museum performs two functions: a traditional museum and a cultural and educational center. POLIN Museum describes the contribution of Jews to the development of Polish culture, science, and economy. It presents their history from the arrival of the first Jewish merchants to the Polish lands and the beginning of the Jewish settlement in the area of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to the latest history of the Jewish community in the Third Polish Republic. It is a modern cultural institution – a historical museum showing the 1000 years of Polish Jews’ history. Serving the ideas of openness, tolerance, and truth, the Polin Museum contributes to mutual understanding and respect among Poles and Jews.

In September 2014, the Museum added to its name the word “Polin” (which means “Poland”

in Hebrew), referring to the legend of the appearance of the first Jews in Poland.

 ●   Palace of Culture and Science

This tallest building in Poland (in terms of total height) is located in the very center of Warsaw. The palace is the seat of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw, which is held in the Warsaw Hall. It is managed. Since 2007, the building has been in the register of historic monuments. The palace is the location of many companies and public utilities, including cinemas, theaters, museums, universities, and many others. Palace of Culture and Science is a reminder of PRL times in Warsaw when it was built.

As a visitor, you can take a tour around few spectacular rooms inside the palace. You can also go all the way up to the 30th floor and admire the beautiful panorama of Warsaw from the viewing terrace.

●   Royal Castle

Baroque-Classicist castle located in the heart of the Warsaw Old Town that performs museum and representative functions. In its long history, the Royal Castle was repeatedly plundered and devastated by Swedish, Brandenburg, German and Russian armies.

In 1965, the surviving fragments of the castle and the building of the Royal Library, and many others were listed in the registry of monuments. The reconstruction of the castle in 1971-1984 was directed by the Citizens’ Committee for the Reconstruction of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. In 1979, a museum was created in the castle, setting up the state cultural institution The Royal Castle in Warsaw – Monument of History and National Culture. From 2014 operating under the name Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum. Residence of the Kings and the Commonwealth. In 1980, the Royal Castle and the Old Town were included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Royal castle for a place to go during your holiday in Warsaw

●   Warsaw Sightseeing

As you can see, Warsaw is a beautiful place with a lot of things to see and to do. If you want to make sure that you will see its highlights and the most important and interesting parts choose one of our sightseeing Warsaw tours. Your private guide can show you every corner of the charming Warsaw Old Town and tell you all of its stories. If you want to go somewhere further, you can pick one of our 1-day tours outside of Warsaw and explore other parts of Poland.

Private guides and transport (if needed) are always included in the price. What’s more, you can choose between private and shared options of our Warsaw Tours. If you’re traveling alone and want to meet new interesting people then a group tour will be perfect for you, but if you’re coming to the capital city with your friends or family – a private option will meet all of your expectations.

Whatever you decide for – you will have an unforgettable time in Warsaw! 


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