There is a saying, “beauty is everyplace, all you have got to try to do is to merely take a glance around” it is faithful in the essence once it involves a desirable trip to Leh Ladakh linked with the emotions, the covered mountains, barren landscape, treetops, swings, a dangerous path, and also the roar of a motorbike engine. In short, a motorbike ride in Ladakh is all of the great vibes and the immortality of the rider’s spirit.

Rider on road

Tours, Ladakh is specially designed to bring associate expertise to the most effective of Ladakh, on the road at any time. Conquer a number of the best mountain passes within the world, visit the cold mountains, the desert, and the Nubra natural depression, and immerse yourself within the charm of the favored Pangong Tso throughout a 10-day bike ride through Ladakh.

A 10-day Manali to Leh Ladakh bike trip can have to be compelled to begin from Manali and drive to popular attractions, like the Jispa, Sarchu, Khardung La, Leh, and the Lake of Pangong. Then, to travel into the land of the lamas, capture a number of the very best mountain passes within the world.

Manali To Leh Bike Trip Details

Day 1: Reach to Manali

Upon arrival in Manali, go over your edifice and relax till there’s a fast dinner. You’ll be wanting to test out your bike, so take a test drive on the road beforehand. Then relax and have a pleasant ride within the lovely Kullu natural depression. After that, return to the tower to sleep in Manali. 


Day 2: Manali to Jispa (Approximately 150 kilometers)

Wake up early in the morning, begin your journey. Begin your journey to the Rokhtan Pass (3,978 m), an attractive pass that is the entrance to your bike ride. This is often the primary stage of the tour, your 1st task, because the road is extremely unhealthy, and also the weather is unsure. For your initial tests, you are going to travel through the Lahaul natural depression. Lahaul can introduce you to the mountains lined with snow on the bottom. Visit Jispa by your feet day by day. An attractive and engaging dinner within the mountains. Steamed Momus and Thukpa could be in style, ancient range culinary art. Please enter your stuffed abdomen, and move to a well-deserved vacation. Overnight stay in Jispa.

Manali to Jispa

Day 3: Jispa to Sarchu (Approximately 85 kilometers)

Today we tended to area units aiming for Sarchu. Once you leave the behind-the-Jispa, the majestic range scenery welcomes the U.S.A.. this is often the means to enter the center of the mountain. Relish the spectacular views as you suffer the Baralacha Pass (5000 m higher than ocean level). Keep moving towards Sarchu that is the border between the geographical area and Himachal. From there, visit Sarchu camp. Rest for the rest of the day, sustain your fluid intake to stop AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Overnight stay in Sarchu.

Jispa to Sarchu

Day 4: Sarchu to Leh (Approximately 215 kilometers)

The day starts with heaps of challenges. Nowadays, you’ll have to be compelled to ride your motorcycle through flatlands and find the mountain horizon. Drive through the Tanglang-La Pass, which is the second-highest motorable pass within the world at the peak of 5300 meters. When crossing this pass, you’ll ride through well-maintained roads, all the thanks to Leh. En-route, get to ascertain the monasteries of Thiksey and Shey. These ancient monasteries area unit assault the highest of a hill and area unit attractions of your tour. Arrival at the tower within the borders of Changspa in Leh. Spend some time exploring the native places. Rest for the night. Overnight the edifice in Leh.

Sarchu to Leh

Day 5: Leh to Nubra Valley (close to 160 kilometers)

Today is the 5th day of the trip, and you will be pleased to reach Nubra via Khardungla Pass, at an altitude of 18,360 feet, which is the highest road pass in the world. Nubra will allow you to see it. It’s the first stop in the South Pullu, grab some food, and then set off again on Khardung La road. Take a photo and feel like you’re standing on one of the highest mountain passes in the world. The next stop is the North Pullu. Get some rest and eat something. Nubra way to visit the Monastery at Diskit. The statue of the Maitreya, Budhi, which is 32 meters high, can be seen far away from here. Nubra is well-known for its dunes and double-humped camels. In the evening, the camel’s back came back to the camp. You can have a delicious dinner and overnight stay at the camp in Nubra.  

view from Leh to Nubra Valley on bike trip

Day 6: Nubra valley to Pangong lake (Approximately 190 kilometers)

Wake up early to get pleasure from a charming natural read. You’ll be by yourself, and you’ll conjointly get pleasure from your breakfast. Then you’re progressing to attend Pangong Lake, next to the Shek, the River. Get pleasure from the fantastic scenic thing about the route. Stop in and revel in breakfast and dinner. Once stopped, the drive to the Chang-La (5500 meters higher than ocean level) continues into the military of the border scrutiny post, alongside the foremost necessary Tangse. Upon arrival at the camp, examine your tent. For the remainder of the night, you will have free time. You’ll opt for a walk around the lake and pay a small amount of your time within the wild. Lake Pangong, it’s the biggest mountain of salt lake in the world. A pair of 1/3rd of the lake lies in China. Get pleasure from a sunset, read on the lake, the beaches. Have a relaxing stay in your tent for the night.

Views from Nubra valley to Pangong lake on bike trip

Day 7: Pangong Lake to Leh (Approximately 150 kilometers)

Then an honest breakfast within the morning, you’ll take a photography shoot, round the lake, and pay a touch of your time in there. Then you’re reaching to move to Leh. Transfer to the building upon arrival. Then you’ll endure an excursion and a tour. You’ll back up the markets, and a visit to Shanti Stupa could be a Buddhist white-domed style of the location that includes a read of the opposite languages used. Fancy the scenic reading of the Indus vale, and also the Zanskar vary. To locate the road. The market area unit is significantly alive, and you may love her energetic Leh vibration.

In the evening, find the building and treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Fancy the comfort of the building. 

Pangong Lake to Leh bike trip

Day 8: Leh to Sarchu (A Distance Of concerning 215 kilometers)

Say goodbye to the kids and also the beginning of your trip. On the means, you’ve got to appear up in an exceedingly stunning location, a spa, Ladakh. Halt at Sarchu. Sarchu is within the middle of the two stunning places, Manali and Leh. Enjoy a snug resident Sarchu Camp.

views in Leh to Sarchu on bike trip

Day 9: Sarchu to Manali (A distance of concerning 215 kilometers)

The morning starts at Sarchu Plain and reaches Baralakcha before noon. the sweetness that passes in Lahaul could vary and can be in Rohtang pass. Rohtang passes to urge you out of spoken communication in an exceedingly mini mud area. Run through the obstacles within the means of Manali. To be comfy, to relax, and revel in Manali.

Sarchu to Manali bike trip

Day ten Of Manali (Departure)

This is the last day of the bike journey. We will be with you with pleasant recollections of your journey in Ladakh.

Manali (Departure) from bike trip

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