Every year Greece has 30 million tourists visiting her land, most of them coming for her beautiful islands. In fact, there are 227 islands in Greece but we decided to show you the best ones in our opinion.

If you’re imagining yourself laying on a sunbed and drinking a relaxing cocktail while watching the waves, choosing one of Greece islands for your next vacation will be the perfect match for you.

The best time to visit the islands is May until September, but even early October can be a good time to experience the hot sun.

So if you’re into booking your next vacation…

Here Are The Best Islands To Visit In Greece:

  1. Santorini

Santorini island is probably the most famous one on our list, and if you know it then you’re probably imagining the white shining buildings with blue dome roofs. I always avoided visiting Santorini because I’m more of a hidden gems kind of guy. But as soon as I saw the view from the airplane window I was stunned and speechless. Due to the island’s volcanic history, you’ll find black and red sand beaches around Thira(Santorini’s capital, called Fira as well).

Santorini’s best attractions:

Exploring Thira/Fira – The first thing you want to do when you’re starting your trip is to explore the city. There is so much to see, starting with exploring the famous white and blue buildings, walking through the city’s narrow hallways, shopping and of course watching the view of the caldera.

Hiking From Oia To Thira – If you’re a real traveler then you must hike this trail, this is the best way to experience the island. On the way, you’ll find some of the best spots to take pictures in order to get the most likes on your social media account.

Visit Santorini’s Beaches – You just can’t visit Santorini without visiting all of the island beaches. From Monilithos beach which is perfect for children due to its shallow water to White Beach where you’ll have to take a boat in order to reach him and much more you have to visit.

  1. Crete

This is the largest island to visit in Greece, and due to its size, you’ll probably need more than a weekend to explore everything. The island is packed with amazing attractions that include beautiful beaches, amazing views, and good food. If you’re into a party-packed holiday then I’ll recommend you to stay in Hersonissos or Malia, for the more soothing and local experience I would choose Chania.

Crete’s best attractions:

Visit Spinaloga Island – Although the island is pretty quiet now, it suffered from a turbulent past with Arab raids, Venetian conquering, and Ottoman occupation, all before being turned into a leper colony. You’ll need to book a boat tour from Agios Nikolas in order to reach him, and it’s a must-visit attraction in Crete.

Visit Loutro Village – As I mentioned, I’m so into hidden gems and this is one of the best. The place is only reachable by boat or if you’re into climbing mountains(not recommended). Just get there sit on the waterfront and enjoy some of the best seafood you’ll have.

Knossos Palace – This one is for the history lovers, but I think it may be interesting for the majority of people. Knossos is considered to be Europe’s oldest city. The palace suffered through an earthquake but then was reconstructed. It’s believed that the palace was abandoned around 1380 to 1100 B.C.

  1. Corfu

In case you want a destination that will blow your Instagram feed with likes then Corfu is your perfect place to visit. The island has a lot of amazing white sand beaches that are surrounded by lush greenery that creates amazing scenery. If it’s not enough for you, you can see amazing architecture on the island and there are a lot of historic monuments to explore.

Corfu’s best attractions:

Wander Around Corfu Town – As I said, the island offers some amazing architecture to explore, mainly in the town area. You can explore most of the old Venetian-era buildings as they’re now being used as souvenir shops or seafood taverns.

Achilleion Palace – 10 km south of Corfu’s town, sits Achilleion Palace. Originally built in 1890 by Empress Elizabeth of Austria, the palace is one amazing piece of historic architecture and a great place to visit during your trip.

Mount Pantokrator – On the north side of the island there’s the highest summit in Corfu. In order to get there you’ll need to take a bus tour, but let me warn you, the drive is pretty harsh and not for everyone because there are a lot of rop-offs and countless hairpin turns.

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  1. Mykonos

Another awesome all-around island for a great summer vacation in Mykonos. The island has almost everything you need in order to enjoy your summer retreat, starting from great beaches, amazing parties, great seafood restaurants and a lot of family-friendly amenities. Budget-wise, you can book a holiday in Mykonos at a very reasonable price, especially if you’re booking an all-inclusive base that can save you a lot of money on restaurants.

Mykonos Windmills – The most iconic landmark on the island is probably the seven windmills and it’s the first sight that pops into your mind when mentioning Mykonos. The windmills were built in the 16th century and they are oriented to the north to catch the prevailing wind.

Delos Island – Some kilometers away from the southwest coast of Mykonos sits Delos island, The site has been announced UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s known as the place where Apollo and Artemis have been born. In general, the site is considered to be a holy ground for the history lovers for its many findings in the excavations.

Alefkandra – Known as Little Venice, western from the old harbor lies Alefkandra. All the restaurants in the place are almost on the same level as the seawater, which makes the place one of the most romantic spots in Mykonos.

  1. Zakynthos

Here it’s all about the beaches, if you’re thinking about how to make your friends jealous by posting some amazing pictures of crazy beaches, you have to pick this one for your next trip. But there are still some historical landmarks to explore on the island and if you’re in the mood to party, it won’t be missing from your trip either.

Shipwreck Beach – This one might be the most beautiful beach in all of Greece and probably the most photographed. The beach is only accessible by sea, so in order to get there, you’ll need to take a taxi boat from the harbor in Agios Nikolas.

Roma Mansion – One of the only few historical buildings that survived the 1953 earthquake. It was built in the 16th century and the Roma family who owns the building decided to open it to the open crowd in 2007.

Keri Caves – An amazing scuba diving and snorkeling area that sits near Keri town. The place has beautiful crystal-clear water and it offers some of the best views on the island. It can be reached by booking an organized trip or you can rent a boat and your own and get there.

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