Starting a fitness plan means you have to stick to it if you want to see results. Most people start a workout plan and after just a few days, they get busy with work, travel somewhere, or just feel lazy so they stop working out. This is very common among youngsters or people who obsess over things for just a few days only to move on later. Experts say that consistency is the only thing that will help you bring your fitness results because without patience you will not be able to improve. However, when most people start working out the sense of motivation can be retained but sometimes circumstances do not allow you to work. If you are a traveller and you like to travel a lot for business or recreational purposes, there is no way you can maintain a healthy workout routine or just continue your workout routine. This is why most people complain that fitness is more about commitment and less about motivation.

Why Are Fitness Routines Disturbed When You Are Traveling?

When you are on the go, time and equipment are two of the most important things that might impact your will to work out. As an individual who has been working out, you might know about your usual workout plan but considering the availability of the equipment and the intensity, you might not be able to continue the same routine. This is the reason most people end up altering their workout routine on the go. Even experts explain that when you don’t have the equipment, it is better to adjust the workout than to skip the workout. The best way to make this possible is to carry simple gym equipment that is portable and lightweight. Also, you have to keep in mind that almost all the exercises have some simple variation that you can try, so keep a few alternative variants of the same exercise in mind that you can try for travelling.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the best ways you can continue working on the go. We will list down some tips to help you work during your travelling time along with things you can carry and in your luggage if you want to work out. Finally, we will also talk about the ways you can adjust your workout plan so you don’t have to rely on the gym.

Things to Carry With You for Portable Gym

  • If you are into weight lifting and you think carrying equipment will not work out for you, you can use water bottles and fill them up with water to manage the weight. This will help you with easy weight lifting without carrying weight and other equipment around.
  • Using resistance bands is very important because you can easily use resistance bands for training your body in multiple ways.
  • Bring along an inflammatory medicine ball that you can use for ballistic exercise later.
  • In case you like to do dumbbell curls, you can use your towel and then fold it and tuck it under your knee and then use it for the curls.
  • You can also bring along the rope for skipping as well because this is also a very good workout.

Tips To Work Out During Traveling

Working out is more about consistency and less about the kind of workout you choose. There are so many simple workouts that can help you burn the same amount of calories but you don’t need equipment for the exercise.

  • When you book your accommodation, look for a place with a small gym.
  • If the place doesn’t have a gym, you can look for a place with a swimming pool or a garden that can be used for running.
  • Most of the places allow you to have a bicycle which is a very good workout as well.
  • Think about using simple things for exercise rather than looking for gym equipment
  • Do not stay for the extra resting time and maintain your recovery and workout time balance.

How to Alter Your Workout Plan for Travel?

If you want to continue working out while you are travelling try to switch to cardio workouts that do not need any equipment. Most of the workouts that are performed without equipment are very easy and effective. You will be able to burn a lot of calories and still, you will be able to enjoy your workout. The best workout so far during travelling is walking or running. If you are staying at some exotic place, just a 15 minutes morning walk will be enough. However, if you are not living in a place with beautiful scenery, you can switch to yoga and meditation so you can really enjoy the scenery while working out.

  • For the warm-up, you can use a simple dynamic stretching workout along with some yoga moves. This will help you to starch and feel at ease.
  • After your stretching workouts, you can then begin with some cardio. Cardio is very good for burning calories because it is an intense workout. If you are living in a resort when you travel, you can go swimming if you are in a swimming pool. Swimming is a full-body workout and this will help you burn a lot of calories as well. Moreover, if there is a facility for cycling you can use that as well because cycling is another very good cardio-based workout.
  • After you are done with cardio, you can then get to run for a few minutes. This will help you burn more calories and to add variation you can convert your cardio and running into a HIIT-based workout.
  • Finally, you can choose any simple cool-down workout and this will help you relax and feel at ease.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to willingness and motivation. If you are not motivated to work, there is a high chance that you will not push yourself to do better or carry things around. When you are travelling, try to get involved in physical activities so you are able to burn more calories just by doing the chores on your own. If you are travelling and you don’t have a car, try to use the subway and just walk to the situation. Similarly, it is much better to eat healthy because most of the exotic food that you might end up trying might cause travellers diarrhea. So, the best way is to stick to what you know and what your body already accepts. This way you will be able to enjoy your vacations in a much better way.


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