Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe. Known for impressive green scenery, amazing gems of nature and numerous castles, Slovenia should be on anyone’s travel bucket list. This applies especially to those travelling the Balkans as many top sights are, in fact, in Slovenia. It really doesn’t matter whether you love skiing or swimming, this country offers all kinds of activities. However, let us introduce you to five attractions not to miss in Slovenia this summer, besides the country’s charming capital – Ljubljana.

1. Lake Bohinj

True nature lovers will be amazed by the magnificent Lake Bohinj. This glacial lake is located in the Triglav National Park and is a perfect example of natural wonders. With clear and cold waters, Lake Bohinj attracts visitors throughout the year. During the hot summers, locals and tourists swim and partake in various water sports activities on the lake. During the winter season, they simply enjoy the wonderful scenery of snow and frozen lake. Due to the fact that Lake Bohinj is in a protected area, this spot is excellent for lovers of pure nature. There are only a few restaurants around the lake, and nothing spoils the scenery. Plus, Lake Bohinj is a bit further and less popular than Lake Bled. So, it usually isn’t as crowded as the latter.

2. Savica Waterfalls

Not far away from Lake Bohinj is one of the lake’s main water sources – Savica Waterfalls. Falling from a 78-meter height, the waterfalls split in what resembles the letter “A”. Getting to Savica Waterfalls takes a mild hike of around 30-45 minutes. However, the sight is more than worth it. Keep in mind that you should have appropriate clothing such as comfortable shoes and a hat. The temperatures go high during the summer, while the terrain gets slippery. There is paid parking where you can leave your car as well as a restaurant and toilettes right before the hiking trail starts. After that, it’s only you and the nature surrounding you.

3. Lake Bled and Bled Castle

Located in the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is probably the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. Especially popular thanks to the church on the charming Bled Island in the middle of the lake, Lake Bled will soothe your soul with its clear waters and wonderful surroundings.

High above the lake, one can see the medieval Bled Castle, another top spot for tourists. Visitors can get inside the castle and so explore the oldest castle in the country. Popular to its Romanesque tower in contrast to its generally Renaissance style, the Bled Castle also offers unforgettable views of the Bled Lake. Remember, during the high season both spots are packed with people.

4. Postojna Cave and Predjamski Castle

If you want an adventure of a lifetime, then you must go to Postojna Cave. This karst cave is long 24,340 meters and it’s a real tourist attraction. Getting inside the cave is via a train ride while witnessing all the stalactites and stalagmites is breath-taking. As this is among the most visited sites in Slovenia, we advise you to buy your tickets online and avoid waiting in line for hours.

While you’re in the area, you also have to go and see the impressive Predjamski Castle. This Renaissance castle is built inside a cave. It was built this way to provide the ultimate protection and hence the castle has been impregnable for over 800 years. Just looking it from afar is amazing, let alone going inside to explore its hidden passages and torture chambers.

5. The Charming Town of Ptuj

Finally, we strongly advise anyone visiting Slovenia to go to the charming town of Ptuj. This is actually the oldest city in Slovenia and mesmerizes with its architecture, narrow streets and rich history. There are lots of landmarks to explore when in Ptuj. Some of them include the wonderful Ptuj Castle, the St. George’s Church and the Ptuj Town Hall. Even without a list of attractions to see, one can easily enjoy their time simply wandering around the streets that hide beautiful buildings. If you can choose the season, then go to Ptuj in the spring when the 10-day Korant Carnival takes place in the town.

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